Fa b r i c i o   a t t o s

Classical Guitarist, Music Producer & Entrepeneur



Marés - Journeys into Brazilian Music

Marés is a series of video episodes produced by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Brazil in London, exploring classical and popular music from Brazil in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Marés is directed and presented by Fabrício Mattos and performed by students from the Royal Academy of Music and special guests, counting with Bernardo Simões as film director.  Each of the three episodes is filled with aesthetic experimentation drawing on the visual possibilities of music performance, in a way that is integrated into the setting of the recordings: the Embassy’s stunning Sala Brasil. 
Presented by Chinese Arts Now, as part of the Stay Connected programme.

INFUSION is a transnational musical journey spanning three continents, curated and performed by Taiwanese flautist Yi-Hsuan Chen, counting with Fabricio Mattos as creative director/performer, and Bernardo Simoes as film director. Recorded at the St. Pancras Clock Tower, in London.

Collaboration between Fabricio Mattos and the Chinese composer Sun Keting, exploring shared interests about ‘emptiness’, a term that is constantly discussed as the absence of inherent existence in many Eastern philosophies and a term in Western culture that refers to a feeling or a condition. 

Filmed and edited by Bernardo Simoes.

Spencer Collection
Mini-recital with historical guitars

This mini-recital was recorded at the Museum of the Royal Academy of Music, at request of the AALGA - Asociacion Argentina de Lauds e Guitarras Antiguas, as part of their 2nd international conference. Complete programme on the YouTube description.

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